Kathleen Kennedy TowsendFor millions of Americans, faith defines who we are. For too long, the subject of religion has become polarized – politicized by the right and largely ignored by the left.

In the book, I recall what it was like to for me to grow up in my family at a time when faith inspired people to fight for civil rights, to join the Peace Corps, to make the USA a moral voice in the world. At that time, America and its churches, especially the Catholic Church, were embarking on a period of revolutionary transformation.  I explain why throughout our country’s history our churches have been in the forefront of the fight for social progress. This has been lost. Today, circumstances have changed completely and the neediest of our country have often been forgotten.  This book is a call to urge churches to reclaim the legacy of an active faith.

It’s time for renewed hope and spiritual renewal.  I wrote this book as a way of sharing what my faith has meant to me, but, more importantly, as way of reminding us, as a country, how the United States has been shaped by progressive religious traditions. At their best, these traditions have made America a more just, inclusive, and fair nation. Christians—and non-Christians alike—can learn again from our history to understand how faith can serve to better unify our country, rather than divide it.  Our history is rich with inspiring stories, some of which I selected for the book.

I am very excited about this discussion and the solutions that I hope this book will inspire. If you have a chance to read a copy, please know that your thoughts and feedback will be most welcome. Thanks so much.

With warmest wishes,
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend